Barcelona GSE is now Barcelona School of Economics (BSE)

 At its annual meeting in 2019, the Board of Trustees approved the change of our brand name from Barcelona Graduate School of Economics (Barcelona GSE) to Barcelona School of Economics (or BSE for short).

This decision emerged alongside an in-depth brand study that began in 2018 with the aim of producing a new brand strategy to strengthen our global reputation and market position. The name change went into effect on September 1, 2021.

New COVID-19 Research Grant Awarded 

Associate professor Raül Santaeulalia has been awarded the "Pandemies 2020" Grant from AGAUR with the title "Real-Time Economic Policy Against a Pandemic when Government and Agents are Learning"


Meet our 2021 PhD Candidates!


We are very pleased to announce this year´s list of excellent job market candidates. A complete list of our candidates can be found here

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Bellaterra Macro Seminar
December 1 2021 | 15:30
Makoto Nakajima (FRB of Philadelphia)

Bellaterra Macro Club
December 3 2021 | 12:00
Gabriela Barbosa (UAB-IDEA)

Bellaterra Micro Seminar
December 7 2021 | TBA
Bruno Strulovici (Northwestern University)

Bellaterra Macro Club
December 10 2021 | 12:00
Konstantin Boss (UAB-IDEA)

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