The Unit of Foundations of Economic Analysis (UFAE) is part of the Departament d´Economia i d´Història Econòmica at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. The UFAE has a long-standing tradition of excellence as a research and teaching institution in the field of economics.

Our faculty is a small international community that follows hiring and promotion international standards. In spite of its small size, our faculty includes first-rated researchers and covers a wide range of fields in Economics. Furthermore, we have an active visitors´ program and several part-time faculty.

The UFAE has a very active research life. We offer several specialized seminars (jointly organized with the Institut d´Anàlisi Econòmica) and internal workshops that meet on a regular basis. All this activity of discussion and exchange of ideas results in a large number of scientific publications in international journals, chapters in specialized books, a working papers series, and several general-audience articles.

In terms of training and education, the UFAE offers courses in different undergraduate degrees at the UAB. The UFAE also offers the International Doctorate in Economic Analysis (IDEA), which is part of the European Network for Training in Economic Research (ENTER) and participates in the master Models and Methods of Quantitative Economics (QEM), which is an Erasmus Mundus Master Programme that is offered by a consortium of four European universities. Students in our Ph.D. program come from all over the world, and after graduation, continue their careers in both academic and non academic positions.



Department Chair


Francesc Obiols

Department Secretary


Jordi Caballé

Coordinator of Graduate Studies


David Pérez