Joan Llull
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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Facultat d’Economia
Edifici B – Campus de Bellaterra
08193 Bellaterra
Cerdanyola del Vallès
Barcelona (Spain)

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+34 93 581 2570

Joan Llull

Assistant Professor
MOVE, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and Barcelona GSE

Research interests: Labor Economics, Microeconometrics, Equilibrium Models, Discrete Choice
CV: [html] [pdf]


Working papers:

"Immigration, Wages, and Education: A Labor Market Equilibrium Structural Model"  [pdf]
 Barcelona GSE Working Paper 711. Revision requested, Review of Economic Studies

"The Effect of Immigration on Wages: Exploiting Exogenous Variation at the National Level"  [pdf]
 CReAM Discussion Paper 36/14 / Barcelona GSE Working Paper 783.
 A post on the paper appeared in Barcelona GSE Focus

"Does Marriage Make You Healthier?" (joint with Nezih Guner and Yuliya A. Kulikova)  [pdf]
 CEPR Discussion Paper 10245 / IZA Discussion Paper 8633 / Barcelona GSE Working Paper 795
 Posts on this paper appeared in The Economist explains and VOXeu in English, and in Nada es Gratis in Spanish
 This article was also mentioned in several other media outlets

"Understanding International Migration: Evidence from a New Dataset of Bilateral Stocks (1960-2000)"  [pdf]
 Barcelona GSE Working Paper 715. Revision requested, SERIEs --- The Journal of the Spanish Economic Association

"Reconciling Spatial Correlations and Factor Proportions: a Cross-Country Analysis of the Economic Consequences of Immigration"  [pdf]
 (previously "The impact of Immigration on Productivity", CEMFI Working Paper 0802)


Microeconometrics (IDEA PhD Program):

Outline [pdf]
Introduction:   Class notes [pdf]   Slides [pdf]  
Panel Data:   Class notes [pdf]   Slides [pdf]  
Discrete Choice:   Class notes [pdf]   Slides [pdf]  
Censoring, Truncation and Selection:   Class notes [pdf]   Slides [pdf]  
Duration Models:   Class notes [pdf]   Slides [pdf]  
Dynamic Discrete Choice Structural Models:   Class notes [pdf]   Slides [pdf]  

Advanced Time Series and Panel Data (MPFM Master - Barcelona GSE):

Introduction to Panel Data Econometrics:   Slides [pdf]

Quantitative Methods (EPP Master - Barcelona GSE):

Quantile Methods:   Class notes [pdf]   Slides [pdf]
Duration Analysis:   Class notes [pdf]   Slides [pdf]

Other (old) materials:

Econometria --- Llicenciatura, First semester 2011/2012:
  Tema 1 [pdf]   Tema 2 [pdf]   Tema 3 [pdf]   Tema 4 [pdf]   Tema 5 [pdf]

An introduction to GAUSS --- October 2009:
  Lecture 1 [pdf]   Lecture 2 [pdf]   Lecture 3 [pdf]

A Short Introduction To LATEX and Beamer --- with Carlos González-Aguado, October 2008:
  Notes [pdf]


In 2015, our article "Does Marriage Make you Healthier?" (with Nezih Guner and Yuliya Kulikova) draw some attention from the media. The Economist featured this post and this podcast on the blog The Economist explains. Several Spanish media featured articles on it, including, among others, Antena3, Yahoo, 20 minutos, La Vanguardia, El Mundo, 324-TV3, ABC, El Periódico, La Razón, El Economista La Voz de Galicia, KISSfm, Radio Intereconomía, El Correo, El Diario Vasco, El Faro de Vigo, Libertad Digital, Heraldo de Aragón, El Diario Montañés, Hola!, La Verdad Murcia, Diario de Navarra, Ideal de Andalucía, El Norte de Castilla, Hoy Diario de Extremadura, Ara, Diario Sur, Las Provincias, Canarias7, Segre, Diario de Córdoba,, Diario La Rioja, as well as several newspapers in their printed versions, which are recollected in this file. It was also featured online by several Latin American media, including, among others, HispanTV, La Capital, Clarín, La Gaceta de Tucumán, El Periódico de Tucumán, El Informativo, La Gaceta de Salta, Sin Mordaza, Diario Panorama, InfoFueguina, Diario de la Provincia de San Juan,, 24Horas TVN Chile, El Dinamo, El Universal, Revista Perfil, Prensa Libre, Radio HRN, Máspormás DF, Noticias Puerto Vallarta, El Grillo Porteño, En La Brecha, La Nueva Radio YA, Montevideo Portal, El Venezolano. It also received some coverage on radio: some stations featured it in their news bulletins, like Rac1 (podcast here, and complete interview here), and Cope Catalunya (podcast here), and I appeared discussing it in Esto Me Suena - Las Tardes del Ciudadano García in Radio Nacional de España (podcast here), Hoy por hoy in Radio Caracol - Colombia (podcast here), Aragón Fin de Semana in Aragón Radio (podcast here), La Tribu de Catalunya Radio in Catalunya Radio (podcast here), and El Matí in Cope Catalunya (podcast here).

By the end of 2014, the Barcelona GSE posted this video to promote its new logo in which I appear a few seconds starting from 0:14.

In 2014, in a series of articles on the situation of the Spanish university, El País featured an article here and here reviewing my experience in the Economics Job Market a few years before, to illustrate how it works.

In 2012, Hernán Ruffo, Manuel J. García Santana, and I were granted our PhDs in the Opening Ceremony of the academic course in Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo. This was mentioned in La Vanguardia, La Razón, and 20 minutos here, here, and here (see a picture here).

In 2010, Diario de Mallorca published here the opinion of several former distinguished students, including myself, on the poor performance of Spain in the PISA report.

In 2009, Diario de Mallorca published here and here a feature on the careers of several former students at the Universitat de les Illes Balears that had been distinguished with the Prize of the Best Student awarding a BA in a given field in the preceding years, including myself.

In 2004, while I was a student, Jose Luis Groizard and I were awarded the Premi de Recerca sobre Cooperació Internacional al Desenvolupament by the Govern de les Illes Balears, which was briefly mentioned in Diario de Mallorca, Ultima Hora, and Diari de Balears here, here, and here.