The UFAE places most emphasis on academic research. The faculty sustains a long tradition of strong academic output, and its members are encouraged to publish their work in top journals. This has meant that, for years, the UAB economics group at the UFAE has appeared at the top of most European research and publication rankings.

Such a distinguished position of excellence in research has been maintained over the years by a determination to recruit top researchers from around the world who contribute ambitious research agendas and a broad international perspective.

The research faculty is distributed loosely among three broad research areas:

Microeconomics Group 
Macroeconomics Group

Applied Economics and Econometrics Group

These groups are highly complementary, and faculty members often belong to more than one area. Our seminar series are organized around these three research areas, attracting some of the world’s best and most active researchers today and promoting interaction within the Bellaterra Economics community as a whole. 

The department also maintains partnerships with other leading institutions, and forms part of several research networks around the world, in areas such as Development Economics, Economic Theory, Macroeconomics, and Industrial Organization. Together with the I
nstitut d’Analisi Economica (IAE, CSIC), the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), and Consell de Recerca en Economia Internacional (CREI), the UAB economics group at UFAE has established the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics, one of the top world research centers in Economics.

Finally, the research carried out at UFAE accords with the 
Responsible Research and Innovation approach sponsored by the European commission and subscribed to by the UAB.